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Working with energy has great advantages to help bring about answers to where energy is congested, start the healing process, relief, peace and calm to your life through your unique energetic profile.   All remote energetic health or business check sessions available via online meeting or over the phone.  Choose from a variety of targeted services and check the calender here to book your appointment.  If there is nothing open in the time frame you need - keep rechecking for cancellations. 

Know that I only work from a place of the highest good, for all of your best interests in locating those walls congesting your energy from flowing where it needs to go. 


I am extremely serious about health and work darn hard on restoring all related energies with the energy and intent are from the place of true source.


Working with someone gifted in locating the stagnant energy putting up the walls and barriers to your energetic backdoor is far different and more important than someone just tinkering in health energy.

A gifted energy medicine person is optimal in a method of bringing focused Energy Medicine into pinpointed areas towards the beginning to restoring health, balance, peace and quiet to your energetic profile.   Always keep in mind, you are responsible to do your part!  Energy medicine does not put that glass of water in your body, nor does it feed you the right food you require for optimal health, so folks need to be realistic that energy medicine is great and helpful yes, but you still need to do your part.


About 85% of clients feel the shifts in the body while the work is being done at the same time in their  online session, even during remote sessions.


If this is your first session, it is probably unlike anything you have experienced before and you may wonder what to do to prepare.  For remote sessions if you can submit your photo ahead of time by email or anothe rmethod, that is great and all needed to get started.


Attend your appointment remotely from where ever you are, if you can't get out of bed or walk - no problem as remote sessions easily accommodate any situation a person is in.   Come into your session with an open mind and positivity towards getting something done.   That is all you need to do to get ready aside from of course having a phone line ready for a phone session, or being sure  you have signed up for the worldwide free teams meetings and setup your free teams account so we may work together meeting style.

Many clients express shifts at the exact same time of the remote energy medicine application session, but some will feel a shift within 24-48 hours afterward and so on, and some may not feel anything, its an individual process.

Keep in mind any deep rooted long term serious issue may require more than 1 session, up to multiple sessions depending on your situation, however it is important you realize there is no such thing as a lost cause or lost case in my books that cannot benefit from Energy Medicine sessions. 

Anyone can benefit, any situation can benefit - including paraplegics, serious medical conditions of any kind, serious trauma of any kind, serious mental illness including schizophrenia, bipolar any mental unwellness, depression, radiating pain issues, issues where you feel you have just been written off and left to endure and so on, all can benefit from Energy Medicine sessions and begin to reap the energetic benefits in their higher good.

Were you aware that even your loved ones getting ready to pass over can benefit from Energy Medicine? 

A session to ease that persons energetic stress and fear from the mind, body and soul to help bring peace for the next transition for that person is just the higher good thing to do for those needing to feel that relaxation, assurance of peace of mind.

Energy Medicine has no limits and everyone can certainly benefit.


Dismantle Fear, Stress & Anger with Energetic Intervention  $90/40 Min/book

This session really hits home and offers energetic relief for those feeling extra fearful, angry or stressed out but really unable to understand where the feelings are coming from.   Remote session available online or phone option.


Lumbar - Sacral Pain Relieving Energetic Intervention  $90/40 Min/book

Dogged with constant lumbar sacral pain that is just holding you back from really being you?  You need the lumbar sacral pain relief Energy Medicine session - clients feel movement and shifting usually in 1 session.   Remote session available online or phone option.


What The Cluck I'm Stuck!  $90/40 Min/book

A must do session for those stuck not moving forward in their lives like they wanted to or thought they would, nothings happening and nothing is changing because you are energetically stuck!  This session takes the cluck out of stuck and enables you to get you moving forward again.   Remote session available online or phone option.


I Swear I Must Be Cursed  $90/40 Min /book

You said it not us!  Feeling cursed is nagging at you, somethings just not right, everything is going wrong.  You are trying your hardest and never digging out of that hole, it feels like you have been cursed & you are probably right - curses can be as simple as your coworker repeatedly thinking they wish you would run yourself into a ditch, or an old ex partner cursing your after a breakup, you can even curse yourself.  There is also lurkers like perhaps a witchcraft spell, generational curse or some not so nice entity.  This session locates and abolishes the energies of these things right where they need to go - enlightening and effective!   Remote session available online or phone option.


The Deepest Dive Full Energic Profile Report  - $300.00/book report

An incredibly insightful energetic head to toe & above energy assessment report - the most detailed all in one service available - read detailed information on what's included.


Get The Fido!  Pet Reading & Energetic Clearing  $90/40 Min/book

Don't leave Fido, Tiger or Floppy out!  Our furry loved family members deserve to be energetically balanced as well, yes I can do a reading for your pet and send some great energetic intervention vibes.  Read more about this service.   Remote session available online or phone option.


Your Choice - 40 Min Dig & Clearing  $90/40 Min/book

Your choice, you name your single issue you wish to work on and we dig and clear - learn more about this service here.   Remote session available online or phone option.


The House Of Loss Energetic Intervention  $90/40 Min/book

In astrological circles it is felt individuals confined in hospitals, jails and mental health facilities may have their planets aligned with the 12th house, the house of loss.  Some consider this to be the karma where perhaps something before has to be reconciled.  Energetic intervention is available to work on these issues and get things moving the right way!   Remote session available online or phone option.


End Of Life Energetic Intervention  $90/40Min/book

We all have our time where we get ready to transition over to our next journey.  Perhaps you have a loved one, or loved pet, in this situation and you would like to ease their mind from fear and stress of crossing over.  Energetic intervention to shower the individual with light, love and peace is a gift you can hold true to your heart for that special someone.  Remote session available online or phone option.


ET Go Home  $90/40 Min/book

Many people follow the cosmic beliefs we are not alone here on earth, and never have been.  Given that perception, there is a wide variety of alien races known to us already and some are not as nice as the others.  Perhaps you want your ET to go home, the perfect session to help send ET home.   Remote session available online or phone option.


Deep Dive Full Report Step 2 - Energetic Interventions Specific To Your Report  $90/40 Min/book

The next step after your Deepest Dive Full report.  Once you have had a chance to go over your deepest dive full report, you may wish to continue balancing and resolving the energies found on your report, read more here about this service.  The report you received is extensive, usually 12-14 pages (read more here) and so to do sessions for Energetic Intervention would also entail multiple sessions to rip through your report and accommodate same.   Remote session available online or phone option.


I've Got Your Number - Custom Dowsed Single Rate  $35 / 25 Min/book

Worldwide clients use various modalities of alternative healing in different countries.  For those in the UK, India and Euro using Base10 or Base44 or any other system that requires a 'number', 'a rate',  'a hertz' or any type of frequency - I got your number which is not machine or list generated and rather custom health shaman dowsed style specific to your request.

Get your custom dowsed details request ready for your session.  You will want to specify your criteria to be very concise, have your single image, a word, short text line etc. ready, advise if you need this for a base10, base44, rife, number of dials involved in setting your rate etc.   Remote session available online or phone option.


Quick Business Check  $25 / 20 Min/book

Get a quick business direction check with dowsing.  Extremely accurate and helpful to get moving fast in the right direction.   Quick, fast, easy, insightful!

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