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How a Medical Intuitive Works - Throughout history medical intuitives generally are known to specialize in perceiving information concerning the human body.  A medical intuitive can energetically read the insides (glands, organs etc) of our bodies.  Intuitives will have slight variations of their medical intuitive process, some use psyche only and will advise you of an energy like 'your uterus I see has many cysts' and they just look at the person head to toe like x-ray vision and get the energy reading back but not exact pinpoints of medical terminology or names your doctor would be able to look into to possibly persue further, so for example a 'I see a liver issue' (general intuitive),  is different verses my variation in the field.  With my variation I can easily work remote as well with just your photo and energetically identify with much more specific stuff for example:  'I am picking up a puss filled abcess in the liver, or the portal vein is having an issue in regards to the liver' (a medical intuitive dowser).  Intuited information can then be provided to the clients medical doctor and/or health care professional for further evaluation and discussion of possible treatments so the more indepth I go, the better for you, the better for your doctor.   I am a medical intuitive dowser, my variation is in my method of pickup of your body energy that works perfect for me to help you, to help yourself.

My specialty is incorporating my custom developed method of Medical Intuitive 'Dowsing' because that is how I really connect like BAMM, and dig deep being able to obtain medical names and conditions or anything medical related.  I only need to see your photo and can work remote or see your face on a teams meeting for example.  I have many services to offer, one of the most popular is to discover the top energetic root of your disharmony, pain or discomfort.  I can do a quick x-ray scan as its called in the intuitive world with my methods and know something within 1-2 minutes in general.  The most popular service people prefer though the single session (the 40 min dig session).  The top root means basically what is energetically screaming the loudest in your body!  I will be able to tell you the energy very specific from which muscle, bone, ligament, piece of brain, vertebrae or bodily system to a very precise point that my pendulum will pinpoint then I apply my custom method and sacred geometry tools to start neutralizing that negative top energy.  I help you 'peel' the layers back always starting with the top 'loudest' layer.  I do not disappoint - I assure you.  Did you realize your health is connected to your abundance?  I offer 'quick business checks as well' see more here.

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I Can also Pick Up Dowsed Energies For Generational Setbacks  /  Bacteria / Viruses / Mold / Fungus / Trauma / Bad Luck /  Cosmic Stuff / ETs - Lost Souls - Feeling Cursed - Lack of Energy & Energy Vampires plus more... ' You are in good hands '

Comic Health Rescue Sacred Geometry Fibonacci

Medical Intuitive Dowser
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Cosmic Health Rescue Sacred Geometry Dowsing
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REMOTE MEDICAL INTUITIVE DOWSING AND ENERGY MEDICINE for cosmic health to help locate and balance known & unknown energetic etiologies of health issues is at todays forefront, the things the medical system has not been able to help you with. 


As a gifted medical intuitive dowser & energy medicine councillor and guide in this field, I can find those unknown factors bringing you down or holding you back that enables me to deliver quality professional cosmic health shaman identification and then offer balancing of those energy issues.  Energy medicine with a gifted medical intuitive dowser is certainly at its height in healing fields today. 

My personally developed method with 'my guiding gift' enables me to insight and see answers about what is causing disruption in your life and point to key rooted underlying energetic imbalances.  All things - including viruses, parasites, negative energies and so on 'have an energy pattern' of their own, a frequency and your fundamental ray that I utilize the aether to lock onto your pattern with ease.

A true gifted medical intuitive dowser for health is not using magick nor witchcraft.  There is actually a science to it, accessed through channels of sacred geometry and having the gift.  I can explain it rather matter of factly as I see it - it is simply protons, neutrons and electrons combined with light and magnetic fields that my mind and energy is able to lock onto for you, consider me your personal heat seeking missile locked onto you or a pitbull locked on, thats how forceful my lock is on your profile.  This is because your profile of your protons, neutrons and such, are uniquely combined to create 'you' - your personal makeup on the most microscopic scale you can imagine.  I can access your personal energy health profile through your energetic back door.  

Using my methods I connect, to show me your stressors and underlying stressors without having to know you personally to begin the energy identification.  If you decide to go further I also offer my energy medicine neutralization balancing process.  In most cases, one can feel a difference during or by the end of the session and onward up to a 24-48 hour period.  Long term issues may require several sessions and take longer. if you choose energy neutralization of negative energies.  I work via distance healing session(s), over the phone or online meeting(s) or email me your headshot photo.  Online meetings with 'teams meeting software' is popular, it  is free for anyone in the world to sign up and use meetings within 1-2 minutes.  I work with clients worldwide and there is no need to spend a lifetime of savings to travel to see me in Canada, my service is economical in all ways.  My energy health assessment is usually in the ballpark of 40 minutes if findings are not terribly extensive, but rarely there is the longer profile that may need abit more time to complete an assessment, clients normally require a 40 min dig energy assessment to start.  Importantly, I give no medicines nor outward applications but do offer energy medicine with sacred geometry healing.

No matter your health concern perhaps circulatory issues, autoimmune, ptsd, muscle or back pains, trauma or traumatic issues, digestive or elimination disorders, or perhaps soul problems, anxiety or depression, spiritual attachments, generational curses, spells or all other forms of negative disruption in the energy of your body - all has an energy and I can tap into that energy, and help you do a deep dive for underlying causes.

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Cosmic Kate

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Medical Intuitive Dowser and Energy 
Medicine Corrections Including Sacred Geometry Implementation, Finding Your Deeper Meanings.

Hi, I'm Cosmic Kate (that's short for Katherine).  I started dowsing close to 25 years ago now and came to realize everyone has their 'niche' place in the medical, energy and the dowsing fields.  My mother was a dowser as well but her specialty was using her old fashioned coat hangers to locate underground water and quartz veins, and she was always having fun in horoscopes predicting hollywood marriages and breakups with excellent accuracy.  My intuitive gift is a definite hand me down from my mother, however I excell in doing Medical Intuitive Dowsing for health, Cosmic Health Energy, hands down is what I am extremely good at.  Over the years my dowsing has really streamlined with my custom method I created for myself, as well implementing my sacred geometry aids and since, this has just taken off to the aether shall we say.  I am Kat, your personal Cosmic Health Shaman and look forward to working  with you.

Jai Gurudev

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